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ESNO - Visionary 2012l

High Value Opportunities for Lignin(Editor's Note: This article appeared on the Frost & Sullivan website on November 27, 2012)Addressing markets worth more than 130 billion dollars, lignin could become the main renewable aromatic resource for the chemical industry in the future. The first opportunity could emerge as early as 2015 from the direct substitution of phenol in most of its industrial applications: phenolic resins, surfactants, epoxy resins, adhesives or polyester. "The industry is just beginning to scratch the surface of lignin's potential," explains Frost & Sullivan consultant, Nicolas Smolarski: "It is the only renewable source for industrial aromatics production and is de-correlated from the fluctuating price of oil." Lignin represents 30 per cent of all the non-fossil organic carbon on Earth. Its availability exceeds 300 billion tonnes, increasing annually by around 20 billion tonnes. A high quantity of lignin is found in wood, in which it represents 20-35 per cent in terms of weight. Compared to other wood components (cellulose and hemicelluloses), it is a much more complex polymer, but has been considered for a long time a low-quality and low-added-value material. For example, as of 2010, the pulp and paper industry alone produced an estimated 50 million tonnes of extracted lignin, but only 2 per cent (1 million tonnes) was commercially used for low-value products such as dispersing or binding agents; the rest was burnt as a low-value fuel. Overall, the lignin business today represents roughly 300 million dollars. However, new, developing technologies now allow the extraction of high-purity lignin which can be converted in various high-value chemicals and products, among which are BTX (Benzene, Toluene, Xylene), phenol, vanillin or carbon fibre. Mr Smolarski explains that "one of lignin's unique strengths is that it can either be used directly as a 'drop in' to replace phenols in an existing petrochemical process, or it can be further processed to create polymer building blocks." Inevitably, unlocking the potential of lignin involves taking down some barriers. "Limited technology maturity, weak links between R&D efforts and the industry, biofuel development draining government mandates and lack of funding options for biochemicals biorefiners are some of the main challenges to the emergence of cost-competitive lignin applications," adds Mr. Smolarski Frost & Sullivan explores these challenges and their potential lifts, and proposes a roadmap for the 10 years ahead. In his analysis, Mr Smolarski also reviews four promising lignin applications and extends a call for action to petrochemical companies. "The petrochemical industry holds by far the highest capacity to accelerate the emergence of lignin-based chemicals. Being the first mover on this market can assure technology leadership, strategic partnerships and a competitive edge." concludes Mr Smolarski. Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, works in collaboration with clients to leverage visionary innovation that addresses the global challenges and related growth opportunities that will make or break today's market participants. For more information on the potential of the lignin market, send an e-mail with your contact details to Chiara Carella, Corporate Communications, at [email protected].

ESNO - Visionary 2012l


We understand what it takes to create transformative new programs because we built a university from its foundations. When Minerva was established in 2011, our visionary founder, Ben Nelson, recognized that combining learning science with digital technology to create a wholesale redesign of what, how, and where education occurs, had the potential to close not only the global skills gap, but also remedy the dearth of critical wisdom in the world.In the years since, we established Minerva University as the first hybrid residential program in the world, and built upon our unique learning approach. This experience makes us the only partner with ten years of expertise in hybrid program design and delivery.Today, we are collaborating with other visionary leaders to help them create innovative programs focused on high quality learning, build institutional capacity, and transform their institutions in the process.

OSS is a start-up studio specialising in Industry 4.0. OSS Ventures builds software solutions with visionary operational companies and innovative tech founders to accelerate the digitisation of operations.

Where structural performance meets architectural freedom Prefabricated CLT rib panels by Stora Enso make the perfect choice for long-span structures and large open areas featuring unobstructed, column-free spaces. Made of massive wood they are lightweight, cost competitive and environmentally sound. Our ready-to-install CLT rib panels are powering a new wave of visionary design and bringing the forest back to the cities. Standard product offering 6 Typical connection details 12 Calculatis by Stora Enso 17 CLT rib panels, span tables: Open, single span, R0 18 Open, single span, R30 20 Open,... 350c69d7ab


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