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Custom Design Services

"We shape our homes and then our homes shape us."

- Sir Winston Churchill


Schematic Design: Floorplan & Layout

The floorplan is the most important step in interior design - it sets the boundaries to everything else that follows and is hard to change. It will determine whether your home can grow and adapt with the seasons of your life or if your will need to purchase a different home later.

We offer:

- floorplan layouts

- lighting & electrical layouts

- furniture & room layouts

- 3D rendering

We can work with your selected builder or we can recommend our own professional teams that we have partnered with.

Aesthetic Design: The Feel of the Space

Your home should feel like you.  The best designers are actually artists that can tell your story through their design lens.  This stage brings personality.  Floorplans show where things are placed - this is the stage where we decide what things are made of. 

We can look after:

- colour scheme, paints, finish schemes

- interior finishes (wall treatments, rock & stone, flooring)

- cabinetry, door & window, trim & moulding design 

- fixed lighting, fixtures, hardware

- features and special treatments (indoor fountains, false beams, stained glass)

We can work with your specialist or we can recommend one of our specialists that we have partnered with.

Lakeside House
Round Rug

Decorating & Staging: Visual Impact

Furnishing, textiles, and decor bring cohesiveness to a space, pulling everything together.  At this stage we finalize the lifestyle of the home while creating visual interest and impact. 


We take into account your personal treasures and decide where there are gaps to be filled. These items are easily changeable and where we infuse design tends.  You can decide to keep up the home yourself or ask us to come and do a decor shift every few years.

We can offer:

- Full decorating overhaul when switching themes

- Personalized purchasing for furnishings & decor

- Home staging for show homes & real estate 

- Celebration decorating for holidays and events 

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